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Benchers & Prayer Booklets

The concept of Hiddur Mitzvah, or observance of divine Jewish law that goes above and beyond the formal requirements of a given mitzvah, is one of the most respected traditions in Judaism. The phrase translates as “beautification of the mitzvah,” and is the inspiring force behind a wide range of ornate religious articles such as elaborate Kiddush settings and artistic Mezuzah covers that enhance the presentation of a ceremony, making it more pleasing to the eyes of man and the Lord. At Zion Judaica, our observance of this deeply held ideal motivates us to bring you the Internet’s best selection of unique decorative benchers and birchonim.
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Zion Judaica carries a large inventory of imprinted Birchonim to help commemorate your special day. We have Hebrew and English Benchers in multiple fold styles, all featuring images such as traditional Hebrew feasts and striking photos of Israel as well as relevant Jewish prayer and lots of extra Jewish songs for Shabbat and the Holidays. Our durable laminated benchers are a display worthy keepsake to help your guests remember your big event. We also carry a selection of seasonal prayer booklets for all Jewish holidays.

Zion Judaica offers personalization services on our stock of prayer booklets. Personalization is FREE for orders of over 100 pieces. We may also be able to provide a volume discount for qualifying orders. Call our helpful customer service team for assistance with a bulk order of personalized prayer booklets for your special occasion. At Zion Judaica, we have everything you need to make your next Jewish celebration more beautiful.