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There is perhaps no item with stronger associations with the Jewish faith than candles. Candle lighting holds tremendous religious symbolism, and from Temple to tables, candles have illuminated the history of Judaism for thousands of years, including virtually every significant historical event and celebration. Zion Judaica recognizes the importance of the candlestick in the Jewish faith by offering an extensive selection of candles for every occasion in our online store.
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There is practically never a wrong time to spark the hypnotic, flickering glow of a well-made candle, and an attractive candlestick enhances the display. Zion Judaica has a huge stock of candlesticks, including Shabbat candlesticks in a wide range of styles for your special meal. These range from simple, understated pieces to elaborate candlesticks that take no backseat to the flame itself. Our sterling silver candlesticks are designed to reflect the light from your candle and maximize the familiar flickering effect. We also have a variety of candelabras in traditional and contemporary designs. We are the manufacturer or exclusive importer of many of our products, so many of the candlesticks you see in our store are available nowhere else on the Internet.

Décor in the modern Jewish home often requires new interpretations of traditional items, and Zion Judaica carries a premium collection of designer candlesticks from the house of Israel’s Gary Rosenthal. These artistic candle holders feature unique abstract designs and vibrant detailing that make an unmistakable statement of faith and personal style to anyone who walks into your home. Zion Judaica is proud to offer a candlestick to suit any taste.