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Challah Covers

Challah covers not only provide a decorative and ceremonial look to a table properly set for a Shabbat or other special dinner, they have an important religious function as well. A traditional Jewish holiday meal requires the wine be blessed before the bread, which runs counter to the hierarchy of meal blessings mandated by the Sages. The challah is “removed” from the table through concealment so that neither principle in violated in observation of these special holiday meal requirements. The covering of the challah is also a recreation of the miracle of manna in the desert for our forefathers after their exodus from Egypt, as the top covering combined with the tablecloth of challah board represent the two layers of protective dew the manna arrived in each day. The great significance of challah covers in the Jewish faith drives Zion Judaica to bring you the best selection of challah covers from around the world.
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Zion Judaica carries beautiful challah covers in a variety of styles. Our classic challah covers feature intricate embroidery patterns and artistic renderings of traditional Jewish imagery. Our modern challah covers feature bold patterns and contemporary detailing such as laser-cut designs. We have challah covers made with quality materials such as beautiful velvet, hand woven raw silk and sleek satin as well as a line of artisan challah covers by designer Yair Emanuel that are imported directly from Israel. Find the ideal challah cover to conceal your bread while showing your personal style in our stock at Zion Judaica.