Hanukkah Gifts for all Ages

More than practically anything else, Hanukkah is a time for giving. The holiday is an excellent opportunity to show someone special that you care, and giving the gift of Judaica is a way to show and share pride in Jewish culture. Start your celebration at Zion Judaica for the best selection of Chanukah gifts anywhere on the Internet.
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Zion Judaica has a gift for any loved one on your list. Give an attractive desktop decoration with our selection of Hanukah snow globes, clocks and sculptures. We carry Hanukkah themed kitchen ware such as plates, hostess sets and serving trays for the cook in your life. Place a favorite festive picture in our Chanukah themed frame to create ne of a kind holiday keepsake. Make the eyes of someone special light up with Chanukah jewelry, give a whimsical Hanukkah tie or show love to a treasured Bubbie or Zayde with a fun, expressive mug. Find the perfect Chanukah gift in our massive gift inventory.

At Zion Judaica, we know children are the best gifts of any season. Dreidels are a classic gift, and we offer a variety of them to suit the fancy of any playful child. We carry a large selection of kids’ gifts, including Chanukah themed games, plush toys and other holiday merchandise. Zion Judaica imports Chanukah gifts from around the world as well as manufacturing exclusive items, and we are the sole provider of many of our items. Find your unique gift for a unique person in our expanded online store.

Included in our selection is Hanukkah board games as Chanukah Matching Game, Hanukkah Lotto, Dominoes, an adorable Hanukkah jack in box which will pop up and hold a pretty banner, Nepal pins that flash bright, lots of spinning dreidels, Hanukkah neckties.