Havdallah Sets / Items

An exquisite collection of fine Havdallah sets and Motzei Shabbat items. Are you planning an affair that will take place on Saturday night, any of these Magnificent Havdallah sets by Emanuel will me a jaw dropping statement. ALWAYS made of superb quality metals and finished to the very last detail with the finest materials as high polishing, 24K gold, Swarovski crystals etc, depending on the particular item. Your children and generations to come will appreciate and adore the investment you made in these upscale complimentary Havdalah Set.
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    Stunning Ornate Havdallah Set - Blue/Silver

    Item # HVSET04A
    Price $310.00
  • Exquisite Pomegranate Havdallah Set

    Reg. Price: $329.00
    Item # HVSET07B
    Price $289.00
    Sale: 12% off
  • Bridal Havdallah Set

    Item # HVSET01B
    Price $310.00
  • Bridal Havdallah Set - Blue / silver

    Item # HVSET01A
    Price $310.00