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Matzah Covers

Matzah covers not only beautify and magnify the significance of a table properly set for a Seder, they have a functional purpose too. While bread is traditionally “removed” from the table while the wine is blessed and until it is served, matzah has a special status due to its association with the liberation of the Hebrews from Egypt. Matzah is temporarily removed, but as the story of Hebrew slavery in Egypt is recounted, the matzah is revealed. This tradition stems from a Hebrew term for the unleavened bread, “lechem oni,” or “bread unto which truth is spoken.” The matzah enjoys its place in the spotlight during this legendary tale, but a matzah cover provides a decorative touch during other parts of the Seder ceremony. Zion Judaica is pleased to offer its customers an extensive selection of attractive matzah covers to suit any taste.
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Zion Judaica carries beautiful matzah covers in a variety of styles. Our modern styles boast bold patterns and contemporary designs while our classic designs feature intricate embroidery patterns and artistic renderings of traditional Jewish imagery. We also offer matching matzah cover and afikomen sets to allow you to coordinate your look. As always all products are made of the finest materials such as beautiful velvet, hand woven raw silk and sleek satin as well as a line of hand embroidered and silk artisan covers by designer Yair Emanuel that are imported directly from Israel. Find the ideal cover to give your humble matzah the honor it deserves at Zion Judaica.