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Matzah Trays & Boxes

During the Passover Festival, the Jewish people shun leavened bread in favor of matzah, the iconic flat bread commonly made with only flour and water. The tradition stems from the Exodus story, when Hebrews had no time to allow their bread to rise before fleeing oppression in Egypt, as well as a reminder of the humble roots of the Jewish culture. Consumption of matzah is a chance to reflect on the opportunities that freedom under the auspices of the Lord offers, and Zion Judaica is here to help you celebrate your faith and pay tribute to the significance of matzah with our stock of matzah accessories.
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Zion Judaica carries a wide selection of matzah storage and serving solutions for your kitchen. Choose from our stock of quality matzah trays and boxes made from traditional materials such as wood and pewter as well as contemporary options such as durable Lucite and fine painted glass. We have 3 pieces Passover sets made from raw silk that can be purchased individually, but offer much greater value as a set.

Add an artisan touch to your Seder table with our collection of designer Seder trays and boxes from respected Judaica craft houses such as Yair Emanuel, Susan Fullenbaum and Tamara Baskin. We make many of our products and are the sole domestic importers of many others, giving us an exclusive selection that is unrivaled by our competitors. Find the ideal matzah serving and storage accessories for your kitchen at the Internet home for fine Judaica.