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Mayim Achronim

Mayim Achronim translates as “after-waters” from the original Hebrew, and it refers to the ritualistic washing of the fingertips after a meal in preparation for prayer after meals. It symbolically removes any impurities in earthly sustenance to make the hands fit to praise the Lord for the gifts that He provides each day. This washing is traditionally performed using a special cup and basin set reserved for the occasion, and Zion Judaica is pleased to carry a selection of beautiful Mayim Achronim sets to help you perform an elegant ceremony each time.
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  • Carved Wood Mayim Achronim and Basin - Oriental

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Zion Judaica has a variety of Mayim Achronim sets to suit any taste. Our carved wood Mayim Achronim sets feature vibrant painted designs to create a colorful centerpiece. We have handsome polished chrome Mayim Achronim sets made with durable metals as well as premium sterling silver Mayim Achronim sets featuring intricate detailing for a stunning look. We also have a collection of artisanal pieces from Yossi and Sons Silversmiths, a respected artistic metalworking establishment in Israel. These designer Mayim Achronim sets are packaged in gift boxes to make a perfect gift for any occasion. The finest selection of Mayim Achronim sets on the Internet can be fund here a Zion Judaica.

Zion Judaica offers personalization services on many of our Mayim Achronim sets to allow you to create a piece that is truly your own. Our team of representatives is standing by to assist you with your order of a customized Mayim Achronim set. Trust Zion Judaica for all your most essential Judaica needs.