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Passover Kids Stuff

Pesach, known in English as Passover, is perhaps the most important festival in Judaism, commemorating God’s favor for his chosen people as he fulfilled his promise from liberation from slavery in Egypt. Celebration of the Pesach is a significant part of growing up in Jewish culture, and getting the little ones in on the festivities helps them create memories that last a lifetime. Find your new holiday traditions for the whole family in our huge stock of fun and festive Pesach toys and games here at Zion Judaica.
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  • Juggling Matzah Balls

    Item # PP-BAL
    Price $8.50
  • Set of 10 Passover Plague Masks For Kids, Perfect for The Passover seder

    Item # PP-MASK
    Price $10.00
  • Passover Flip Frogs - Bag of 8

    Item # TY-FROG6
    Price $4.99
  • Passover Bag of Frogs - Bag of 8

    Item # TY-FROG5
    Price $4.99
  • Passover Bag of 10 Plagues

    Reg. Price: $16.99
    Item # PP-BAG
    Price $15.99
    Sale: 6% off
  • Option to personalize

    Puff Painted Suede Kippah - Spider Man

    Item # TZ-SPD
    Price $15.00
  • Design Your own Seder Plate

    Item # TYPP-PLATE-2
    Price $15.99
  • Passover Carry-A-Long Activity Set

    Item # TYKP-COLR-SET
    Price $4.99
  • Passover Finger Frogs

    Item # TY-FROG-9
    Price $4.49
  • Large Plush Passover Frog

    Item # STU-51
    Price $9.99
  • Passover Foam Activity Kit

    Item # TYKP-FOAM
    Price $4.99
  • Passover Memory Game

    Item # GAP-2
    Price $9.50
  • Passover Dominoes

    Item # GAP-3
    Price $9.49
  • Passover CD's by Paul Zim

    Item # CD-PZ-2
    Price $19.99
  • Option to personalize

    Cars Theme Suede Kippah with Optional Name

    Item # TZ-CARS
    Price $15.00
  • Option to personalize

    Superman Design Kippah with Optional Colors

    Item # TZ-SUMN
    Price $15.00
  • Passover Card Game

    Item # TYCG-P
    Price $7.50
  • Prismatic Passover Stickers - 2 Sheets

    Item # TY-14353
    Price $2.89

Zion Judaica is home to the Internet’s largest selection of Passover novelties for children of all ages. Spark your little bubuleh’s creative side with a Pesach coloring book or craft set. Put on a family Passover play with our special set of masks representing the 10 plagues or start your own frog invasion with our collection of frog plushes and toys. Choose from our collection of hand painted suede kippeh featuring favorite children’s characters such as Superman, Spiderman and SpongeBob SquarePants, and be sure to make it just for him with our personalization options in English and Hebrew.

Zion Judaica is the producer or exclusive importer of a large percentage of our products, so you’ll only find the best Passover kid’s stuff here. Our price guarantee means we will match any price our competitors offer on any Pesach merchandise. Zion Judaica has everything you need to make this Passover special for the firstborn children in the family…as well as all the others.