Candle Sticks

An exquisite collection of fine Candlesticks for Shabbat, Jewish Holidays and special events as Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Weddings, capture those sacred moments with a gracious pair of Candle Holders. ALWAYS made of superb quality metals and finished to the very last detail with the finest materials as high polishing, 24K gold, Swarovski crystals etc, depending on the particular item. Your children and generations to come will appreciate and adore the investment you made in these upscale complimentary products.
  • Petite Pomegranate Candlestick Set

    Reg. Price: $139.00
    Item # CS32BPR
    Price $129.00
    Sale: 7% off
  • Byzantine Collection Shabbat Table Set - Purple/Gold

    Item # Q-SHBTSET-3
    $47.00 - $520.00
  • Option to personalize

    Aluminum Dancing Candlesticks

    Reg. Price: $140.00
    Item # CS22APR
    Price $124.99
    Sale: 11% off
  • Option to personalize

    Aluminum Dancing Candlesticks

    Item # CS22BPR
    Price $140.00
  • Collectors Candlestick Set- Waterfall

    Item # CS19
    Price $155.00