Chocolate Gelt & Goodies

The chocolate gelt is a tasty and time honored Chanukah tradition. According to Jewish lore, the significance of the gelt is tied to the liberation of the Maccabees from the ancient Greeks. In celebration, the newly freed Hebrews began to mint national coins bearing traditional Jewish imagery. This historical triumph is commemorated each year at Hanukkah with delicious chocolate coins, which are used as tokens in friendly games of driedel. Zion Judaica has the Internet’s largest stock of Chanukah gelt and other festive treats for children of all ages.

Our mouth-watering traditional chocolate coins are made with premium Belgian chocolate and certified kosher by the Jewish Orthodox Union. We offer chocolate gelt created in nut-free factories for those with allergy concerns. Choose our individually wrapped chocolate gelt medallions or chocolate gelt packaged in the traditional small bags resembling money pouches. We also have chocolate gelt lollipops for a fun twist on the classic favorite. Our bulk packs of chocolate gelt are certified crowd pleasers and include a free display box with qualifying orders.

Along with our large inventory of chocolate gelt, we also carry a range of other Chanukah candies including Hanukkah gummies and kosher Bazooka gum imported directly from Israel. Choose our Chanukah shortbread cookies or add baking fun to your holiday affair with a Hanukkah cookie kit. Chanukah candy packaged in a festive dreidel or candle shaped container is bound to light up anyone’s day. At Zion Judaica, we have everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth during the Festival of Lights.