Mezuzah Covers

The hanging of the mezuzah is one of the oldest and most widely respected Jewish traditions involving the display of a specially inscribed piece of parchment in the doorframe of a Jewish home or business. Consequently, the mezuzah case has evolved from humble container to an art form in and of itself, inspiring stunning designs in a wide range of materials. At Zion Judaica, we search the entire Jewish world to bring you the best, most eye-catching mezuzah cases available anywhere on the Internet.
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  • Square Wooden Mezuzah Cover - The 7 Species

    Item # MZL-6
    Price $22.00
  • Square Wooden Mezuzah Cover - Floral with Birds

    Item # MZL-5
    Price $22.00
  • Square Wooden Mezuzah Cover - Jerusalem in Blue

    Item # MZL-4
    Price $22.00
  • Square Wooden Mezuzah Cover - Jerusalem in Color

    Item # MZL-3
    Price $22.00
  • Square Wooden Mezuzah Cover - Oriental Design

    Item # MZL-2
    Price $22.00
  • Rounded Wooden Mezuzah Cover - David and His Harp

    Item # MZL-14
    Price $22.00
  • Rounded Wooden Mezuzah Cover - Jerusalem with Dove of Peace

    Item # MZL-13
    Price $22.00
  • Mezuzah Cover - Boys Sport

    Item # DMZ5
    Price $35.00
  • Baby Mezuzah Cover - A Baby Girl

    Item # TMZ129
    Price $34.00
  • Mezuzah Cover - Hobbies

    Item # AMZ4
    Price $35.00
  • Large Wedding Mezuzah

    Item # MEZ04
    Price $66.00
  • Childrens Mezuzah Cover

    Item # MEZ12-13
    Price $57.00
  • Ballet Mezuzah Cover

    Item # MEZ28A
    Price $57.00
  • Aquarium / Shell Mezuzah Cover

    Item # MEZ60B
    Price $72.00
  • Hand Crafted Mezuzah Cover - The 7 Species

    Item # MEZ81
    Price $77.00
  • Exquisite Gemstone Mezuzah Cover - Fleur de Lis

    Item # MEZ123
    Price $119.00
  • Exquisite Gemstone Mezuzah Cover - Imperial Design

    Item # MEZ118B
    Price $135.00
  • High End Mezuzah Cover - Star of David

    Item # MEZ108
    Price $87.00

Our extensive selection of mezuzah cases includes understated traditional designs as well as more elaborate mezuzah covers that are anything but ordinary. We have carved wood mezuazah covers, striking stained glass mezuzah covers and ornate metal mezuzah covers with intricate details and unique styling. We also have unique artisan mezuzah covers from Jewish designers such as Yair Emanuel and Gary Rosenthal. Do not overlook our new exciting line of Sports Mezuzah covers, including major league teams, mickey mouse, television charachters and much more. Ensure your kids are kosher with our selection of youth mezuzah covers in whimsical designs. We also have novelty mezuzah covers for sports fans and comic book enthusiasts. We have a selection of special occasion mezuzah covers as well as mezuzah covers handcrafted by experienced Jewish artists. For the best selection, always get your specialty mezuzah covers from Zion Judaica.

At Zion Judaica, we accept nothing less than the most authentic kosher Jewish items. For this reason, we offer genuine professionally inscribed mezuzah scrolls that meet with all established Hallacha standards unlike our competitors, who often sell machine printed imitation mezuzah that are not suitable for observant display. At Zion Judaica, we take pride in the Jewish faith because we practice the Jewish faith. Find the perfect mezuzah cover to sanctify your living space at Zion Judaica.