Passover Food

The familiar sights, sounds and stories of Passover make the festival one of the most anticipated occasions in Jewish culture, but it is perhaps the signature flavors that are most strongly associated with the holiday. From crisp matzah to decadent chocolate treats, Passover is a celebration of Jewish culinary traditions almost as much as anything else. Zion Judaica has a special collection of Passover delights that bring back the familiar flavors of the occasion with the high quality ingredients your family deserves during the times that bring them closest together.
  • Kosher Round Hand Matzah

    Reg. Price: $29.99
    Item # MATZ-SHEM
    Price $26.99
    Sale: 10% off
  • Schmerling Swiss Chocolate Bar - Choco Blanc

    Item # CHOCO-BLANC
    Price $5.99
  • Schmerling Swiss Chocolate Bar - Rosemarie Split

    Item # ROSE-SPLIT
    Price $5.99
  • Schmerling Swiss Chocolate Bar - Rosemarie Milk

    Item # ROSE-DR
    Price $5.99
  • Schmerling Swiss Chocolate Bar - Rosemarie Dark

    Item # ROSE-PV
    Price $5.99

Zion Judaica is proud to offer its customers authentic handmade matzah. Our round matzah are certified kosher and made under strict rabbinical supervision to ensure their compliance with Jewish law. Our matzah are fresh baked in a genuine brick oven and guaranteed to be crisp and delicious upon arrival. Handmade matzah from Zion Judaica is available in one or two pound packages to allow you to share authentic Passover flavors with all your friends and family.

Almost everyone enjoys chocolate at Passover celebrations, and Zion Judaica caters to your sweet tooth by offering fine imported chocolate for you to enjoy during the festivities. These mouthwatering Swiss chocolate bars are thick, rich, and available in a variety of flavors such as milk and dark chocolate as well as white chocolate with almonds. Like all out Passover food, our imported chocolate bars are certified kosher and made in accordance with Jewish law. Zion Judaica is pleased to provide delicious and authentic Passover foods to help you celebrate one of Judaism’s most meaningful occasions.