Seder Sets

For a Jewish family, there are few more special times during the year than the Passover Seder. Each year families gather to recognize the Lord’s deliverance of the Hebrew people from Egypt in accordance with the Torah, and such a meaningful occasion is only enhanced by the finest accompaniments available. Indeed, the concept of Hiddur Mitzvah regards celebrating your Jewish faith in the most elegant manner possible as a beautiful pursuit, and Zion Judaica is happy to help you make your festivities truly shine with our stock of Pesach Seder sets.
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  • Aluminum Seder Plate and Matzah Tray Set - Blue

    Reg. Price: $109.00
    Item # PT530-MT704
    Price $98.00
    Sale: 10% off
  • Aluminum Seder Plate and Matzah Tray Set - White

    Reg. Price: $109.00
    Item # PT531-MT705
    Price $98.00
    Sale: 10% off
  • Seder Set Decorated Fused Glass - Azure Glass

    Item # PPEB-66
    $59.99 - $223.20
  • Seder Set Decorated Fused Glass - Pastel Glass

    Item # PPEB-76
    $59.99 - $223.20
  • Seder Set Decorated Fused Glass - Fleur De Passover Glass

    Item # PPEB-86
    $59.99 - $223.20
  • Porcelain Seder Set - Modern Art

    Item # NA-22-SET
    $28.00 - $137.00
  • Porcelain Seder Set - Blue/Gold Elegance

    Item # PT-30-SET
    $23.00 - $114.95
  • Aluminum Seder Set - Inlaid Stones

    Item # PT518-MT702
    Price $109.00
  • Wood Seder Set By Emanuel - Beautiful Jerusalem

    Item # EM-PSET-5
    $34.00 - $238.08
  • Wood Seder Set By Emanuel - 7 Species

    Item # EM-PSET-3
    $34.00 - $238.08
  • Wood Seder Set By Emanuel - Oriental Collection

    Item # EM-PSET-1
    $34.00 - $238.08
  • Ceramic Seder Set - Grapes in Pastels

    Item # PT-1011-SET
    $5.50 - $73.80
  • Wood Seder Set By Emanuel - Jerusalem Sunrise

    Item # PP-11-SET
    $34.00 - $238.08
  • Wood Seder Set By Emanuel - Jewish Figures

    Item # EM-PSET-2
    $34.00 - $238.08
  • Wood Seder Set By Emanuel - Peacock

    Item # EM-PSET-4
    $34.00 - $238.08
  • Wood Seder Set By Emanuel - Exodus from Egypt

    Item # PP-12-SET
    $34.00 - $228.78
  • Acrylic Liners

    Item # LINERS
    Price $5.50

Zion Judaica maintains the Internet’s most extensive selection of Passover Seder accessories, and as the manufacturer of exclusive domestic retailer of many of our products, our finest pieces and sets can be found nowhere else. Browse through our selection of complete traditional Seder sets in porcelain and pewter as well as our individually crafted artistic fused glass Seder sets that add a pop of color to your Seder setting. Our selection includes graphic Seder sets depicting festive Judaica and Pesach imagery for a distinctive look.

We also have hand painted wooden Seder sets by Judaica designer Yair Emanuel. We have acrylic Seder plate liners for plates without trays as well. Some of our Seder sets offer a discount when you buy the complete set and our price match guarantee ensures we will never be undersold by a competitor. Zion Judaica has the best selection of complete Seder sets to make your festive décor stand out and beautify your ceremony.