Shofars & Shofar Stands

The distinctive look and sound of a shofar has made it iconic in the Jewish faith for thousands of years. Traditionally made from the natural horn of an animal such as a ram, the instrument has seen a wide range of uses from battle horn to announcements of celebrations and special occasions, giving the shofar emblematic status in Jewish culture. Zion Judaica is proud to announce a large inventory of shofars, as well as a selection of shofar stands that create an attractive display for your ceremonial instrument.
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  • Plastic Childrens Shofar - Whistle - 25 Pack

    Item # 170-SH
    Price $55.00

Zion Judaica has one of the Internet’s largest collections of shofars in assorted styles. We have shofar with classic profiles in both manmade and natural materials. Our durable plastic and other synthetic shofars are available in natural colors for a realistic look while our natural kosher shofars are of the highest quality and available in a variety of lengths. We also have plastic children’s shofars in fun colors to allow the whole family to experience the magic in this long-treasured instrument.

Zion Judaica is also home to a collection of fine shofar stands. We offer classic wooden shofar for a traditional aesthetic as well as hand painted wooden shofar that make a vibrant, eye-catching display. Many of our shofar stands are available with personalization as well. Our velvet shofar bags are available in sizes to match our selection of shofars and are designed to cradle the instrument in safety and comfort when not in use. Zion Judaica is dedicated to providing the finest selection of shofars and shofar accessories anywhere on the Internet.