Tallis Clips

An exquisite collection of Tallit clips to enhance your Tallis and support it from slipping off. Quest does it right again and again stretching artistic capabilities to great distances in each and every Tallit clip. ALWAYS made of superb quality metals and finished to the very last detail with the finest materials as high polishing, 24K gold, Swarovski crystals etc, depending on the particular style. Your children and generations to come will appreciate and adore the investment you made in these upscale complimentary Tallis clips.
  • Hand Crafted Flower Tallit Clips - Blue Gold

    Item # TC22A
    Price $43.00
  • Hand Crafted Hamsa Tallit Clips - Tonal Blue / Silver

    Item # TC23A
    Price $36.00
  • Hamsa Tallit Clips in a Bold Blue Color on Silver Body

    Item # TC29A
    Price $33.00
  • Pewter Tallit Clips with Pink Crystals

    Reg. Price: $35.00
    Item # TC22F
    Price $31.99
    Sale: 9% off
  • Tallit Clips Beautiful Jerusalem of Gold

    Reg. Price: $64.99
    Item # TC30A
    Price $59.99
    Sale: 8% off
  • Gold & Silver Tree of Life Tallit Clips

    Reg. Price: $54.99
    Item # TC31A
    Price $49.99
    Sale: 9% off
  • Hand Crafted Flower Tallit Clips - Pink Silver

    Item # TC22B
    Price $43.00