Attarah - Tallit Neckbands

The ceremonial Jewish prayer shawl known as a tallit is often a beautiful and distinctive garment. The fine materials and intricate designs characteristic of tallit cloths makes them an excellent platform for displaying your personal taste as well as pride in Judaism. Tallit cloths are typically worn with a complement of equally attractive accessories, including decorative tallit bags and stylish tallit clips as well as attarah, or tallit neckbands. A tallit neckband can be just as unique as the main part of the garment, and Zion Judaica is proud to offer a selection of attarah to complete your tallit assembly in style.

Zion Judaica has a wide variety of tallit neckbands in simple designs as well as more elaborate pieces. Our premium tallit neckbands feature elegant detailing such as metallic embroidery patterns or traditional Hebrew blessings. We also have raw silk attarah featuring floral designs and artistic scenes from Jerusalem. Choose from our line of handcrafted artisan tallit neckbands from respected Judaica designer Yair Emanuel. These exceptional attarah are made from quality materials and are accented with intricate detailing to create a stunning accessory for your tallit cloth. We also offer personalization in English and Hebrew on some of our pieces to allow you to make your attrarah truly your own.

An attarah is more than just a functional item, it is an opportunity to showcase your eye for design in a subtle yet instantly recognizable fashion. Zion Judaica is your home for the finest selection of authentic tallit and tallit accessories.