Kosher Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are small gifts presented by the bride and groom to the guests at wedding ceremonies as a sign of gratitude and appreciation. Traditionally, sugar coated almonds and sweets were preferred as the Jewish wedding favors; but nowadays, these have been replaced by personalized gifts and small decorative items like personalized match boxes, kosher truffles, benchers and prayer booklets. There are a variety of wedding favors and party favors that are really popular at Jewish weddings like Personalized gadgets, Birchonim personalized chocolate favors and many more.

At Jewish weddings the groom's mother may give the bride Sabbath candlesticks or a tablecloth, the bride's mother may give the groom a tallit or other Judaica gift item.

Zion Judaica offers a large selection of one of a kind wedding favors that can be personalized with the wedding date and a message of thanks engraved from the bride and groom.