Teffilin Bags

Teffillin is a small box that brings belief and believer together by binding significant Torah verses to the arm of the wearer. When not in use, it is stored in a distinctive dedicated bag. Zion Judaica has a huge selection of designer bags in assorted styles, colors and designs. We also have matching tallit bags for virtually all of our teffilin bags.
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Zion Judaica has a large stock of traditional velvet-lined tallit and tefillin bags with zippers as well as more contemporary bags made with luxury materials such as leather and suede. Our teffillin bags feature embroidered designs for a distinctive look. We also have tallit bags that display classic Jewish imagery such as scenes from ancient Jerusalem and the symbols of the 12 Tribes. Our stock of handcrafted tallit bags is crafted by skilled artisans to create a quality product that truly stands out. Find the perfect selection for you in the Internet’s largest collection of unique tefillin bags.

Teffilin bags have long been personalized for an individual touch as well as to display traditional Jewish phrases. At Zion Judaica, we are proud to offer a customization program that allows you to create a tallit bag especially for you. Enter custom text in English or Hebrew to create a personalized message. Our dedicated customer service representatives are standing by to help fulfill your order of a personalized teffilin bag. Wear your faith on your sleeve with our stock of fine teffillin bags at Zion Judaica.