Wash Cups

Netilat Yedayim, or the ritualistic washing of the hands before meals, prayer and on other select occasions, is a practice with deep roots in the Jewish faith extending back thousands of years. Washing of the hands was long believed to remove the impurities of the world and render the body clean, a concept which goes beyond physical cleanliness in pursuit of purity of mind and spirit. The profound significance of Netilat Yedayim is the reason Zion Judaica continually searches the globe for our diverse stock of wash cups.
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  • Small Emanuel Netillat Yadayim Cup- Silver

    Reg. Price: $38.00
    Item # NYB1
    Price $34.20
    Sale: 10% off
  • Classic Copper Wash Cup

    Reg. Price: $27.99
    Item # R-794
    Price $25.99
    Sale: 7% off
  • Artistic Wash Cup - Black Tones

    Item # R-800
    Price $14.99
  • Artistic Wash Cup - Copper Rustic

    Item # R-801
    Price $14.99
  • Artistic Wash Cup - Antique Brass

    Item # R-802
    Price $14.99
  • Artistic Wash Cup - Black with Gold Highlights

    Item # R-803
    Price $14.99
  • Wash Cup - Hard Plastic

    Item # CUPP
    Price $3.50
  • Netilat Yadayim Wash Cup - Old City Jerusalem

    Reg. Price: $47.00
    Item # NYS-1
    Price $42.30
    Sale: 10% off
  • Copper Wash Cup and Optional Basin

    Item # WCWC04
    $29.00 - $43.00
  • Ceramic Hand Washing Cup by Emanuel - 7 Species

    Item # NYC-2
    Price $40.00
  • Stunning Designer Hand Washing Cup

    Item # WAC01B
    Price $195.00
  • Modern Steel Wash Cup by Emanuel - Red

    Reg. Price: $51.00
    Item # NYM-2
    Price $45.90
    Sale: 10% off
  • Modern Steel Wash Cup by Emanuel - Silver

    Reg. Price: $51.00
    Item # NYM-1
    Price $45.90
    Sale: 10% off
  • Tempest Twist Wash Cup - 2 Tone

    Reg. Price: $139.00
    Item # WAC11B
    Price $129.00
    Sale: 7% off
  • Tempest Twist Wash Cup - 2 Tone Silver

    Reg. Price: $139.00
    Item # WAC11A
    Price $129.00
    Sale: 7% off
  • Wash Cup Coated Stainless Steel - Medium Grey

    Reg. Price: $30.00
    Item # 56703
    Price $27.99
    Sale: 7% off
  • Nickel Hammered Wash Cup with Mother Of Pearl

    Reg. Price: $53.00
    Item # WC1210
    Price $50.00
    Sale: 6% off
  • Stainless Steel Wash Cup with 2 Handles

    Reg. Price: $26.00
    Item # WC57500
    Price $24.00
    Sale: 8% off

Zion Judaica carries the Internet’s most extensive selection of wash cups. We have traditional wash cups following the iconic blueprint set in Temple times as well as contemporary wash cups that are as decorative as they are significant. We have metal wash cups made with materials like pewter, nickel and stainless steel as well as colorful plastic wash cups to match virtually any décor.

Zion Judaica has durable acrylic Netilat Yedayim cups as well as handpainted ceramic wash cups that create a beautiful centerpiece for a table. Check out our collection of designer Netilat Yedayim wash cups from respected Jewish designers such as Yair Emanuel, which are imported directly from Israel to make an authentic keepsake you can treasure for a lifetime available to you. We directly manufacture or exclusively import many of our items, making them exclusive to our online Judaica store. At Zion Judaica, we offer the most variety and the best prices in our stock of Netilat Yedayim wash cups.