Challah Knives

Challah, the special braided bread reserved for holidays and Shabbat, is a dish with tremendous significance. These loaves, traditionally seen in pairs in recognition of the double portion of manna that fell from the heavens to assist ancient Hebrews in their exodus from Egypt, are served prior to all three meals during Shabbat as well as holiday dinners and lunches. Each loaf features 6 strands of woven dough, and these 12 total strands represent the tightly intertwined nature of the 12 Tribes of Israel. A bread with such profound significance deserves to be cut with an equally special knife, and Zion Judaica is proud to offer a diverse selection of unique challah knives to grace your table.
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Come to Zion Judaica for challah knifes with traditional and modern designs. Our unique selection feature elegant detailing such as intricate pearled handles and elegant engraving. We carry durable metal challah knives, fine silver plated knives and premium hand crafted with beautiful sterling silver for lasting luster. We carry full challah sets that pair our eye-catching challah knives with a matching challah board and other accessories to unify your table setting.

Zion Judaica is home to a collection of designer challah knives with handpainted wood or ornamental metal handles by names such as Yair Emanuel and Hazorfim. We also have finely crafted challah knife stands that are every bit as beautiful as the tools they hold. At Zion Judaica, we remain a cut above our competitors with our unrivaled selection of decorative knives.