Match Boxes

In the absence of a tribute candle or candle lighter, the beautiful candles so integral to the Jewish community are typically lit using quality matches. Matches are generally effective for what they do, but a standard matchbox is not exactly part of an elegant dinner setting. A decorative match box is both functional and more aesthetically pleasing than a box of matches, and Zion Judaica is the place to find the best selection of candle holders to make your table more beautiful.
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  • Colorful Tulip match box.

    Reg. Price: $23.10
    Item # LAMBLRB
    Price $20.10
    Sale: 13% off
  • Large Blue Silver Lazer Cut Match Box

    Reg. Price: $34.00
    Item # 491110
    Price $25.00
    Sale: 26% off
  • Matte Lace Silver Matchbox

    Item # MBSET31
    Price $66.00
  • Tree of Life Match Box Collection

    Item # MBSET01
    Price $67.00
  • Victorian Match Box Collection - Candle Prayer

    Item # MBSET06
    Price $67.00
  • Jeweled Match Box Collection - Chai

    Item # MBSET07
    Price $67.00
  • Jeweled Match Box Collection - Menorah

    Item # MBSET08
    Price $67.00
  • Acanthus Leaf Matchbox

    Item # MBSET14
    Price $67.00
  • Extra Long Candle Lighting Matches Box of 45

    Reg. Price: $2.99
    Item # 23010
    Price $2.75
    Sale: 8% off

Zion Judaica offers match box holders in a variety of styles to suit any décor. We have colorful wooden match boxes and elegant metal match box holders in pewter and silvertone. We even have a selection of premium sterling silver match box holders to help your setting truly shine. Our decorative matchbox holders feature accents such as enamel work, crystal inlays and filigree detailing, and are guaranteed to make a much more attractive display than a box of matches just lying around.

Zion Judaica is also proud to have a collection of designer match box holders from names such as Yair Emanuel and Yossi and Sons. We make every effort to provide you with access to the best in all Judaica, and we never skimp on the details. Presentation matters during your special meals, and a stylish match box holder is part of the overall look of your dinner setting. Find the right accessories to complete the look of your table in the large inventory at Zion Judaica.