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Sedar Plates

The Passover Seder, a ceremonial feast that takes place to mark the start of the Jewish holiday Passover, is among the most important meals on the Jewish calendar. Based on the Lord’s commandment to remember his favor for his chosen people, the Seder brings together entire families to relive the miraculous liberation of the Jewish people from oppression in Egypt through a reading from the Haggadah before partaking in a special ritualistic meal in celebration of freedom. The deep significance of Pesach Seder demands the best in Seder plates for proper observation, and Zion Judaica is proud to help beautify your mitzvah with our extensive selection of premium Seder plates.
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Zion Judaica has a Seder plate to suit every taste from understated to elaborate. Our decorative Seder plates are crafted with the finest materials to last as heirlooms in your home for generations while our quantity Seder plates provide you with enough durable plates to serve good times to everyone you love for years to come. We have traditional porcelain Seder plates and sets as well as Seder sets made with attractive sterling silver and pewter finishes. Browse our stock of fused glass Seder plates, and be sure to take advantage of our discounts on complete matching Seder sets. Zion Judaica is also proud to offer a collection of artisan Seder plates from renowned Judaica design houses such as Yair Emanuel, Gary Rosenthal and Susan Fullenbaum. Zion Judaica helps you show your personal style at your Passover meal with our diverse stock of fine Seder plates.