Ketubah / Marriage Contract

Zion Judaica offers an exquisite selection of fine art ketubahs from traditional floral and gold embossed designs to modern oriental designs featuring vivid colors and intricate borders. Ketubah is the independent agreement signed by the bride and groom and special witnesses at the jewish weddings in which they affirm that the husband (bridegroom) guarantees to meet the wifeís (bride) certain obligations which include financial and human obligation of marriage in accordance with the Jewish civil law.
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  • Floral Blessing Ketubah

    Item # FB-1
    Price $49.00
  • Jerusalem Panorama Ketubah

    Item # JP-1
    Price $49.00
  • Floral Melody Ketubah - First Marriage Only

    Item # FM-78
    Price $175.00
  • Persian Style Ketubah - Arabesque

    Item # KA99
    Price $175.00
  • Rebuilding Jerusalem Ketubah

    Item # RJ-18
    Price $175.00
  • Star of David Ketubah

    Item # SD11
    Price $175.00
  • Ketubah - Seasons of Joy

    Item # SJ96
    Price $175.00
  • Ketubah - Seasons of the Soul

    Item # SS33
    Price $175.00
  • Mystic Jerusalem Ketubah

    Item # 01-3
    Price $135.00
  • Blue Scroll Ketubah

    Item # 02-1
    Price $220.00
  • Oval Traditions Ketubah

    Item # 02-3
    Price $135.00
  • Flowering Vine Ketubah

    Item # 03-3
    Price $135.00
  • Song of Love Ketubah

    Item # 04-1
    Price $240.00
  • Birds of Paradise Gold Ketubah

    Item # 04-3
    Price $135.00
  • Birds of Paradise Blue Ketubah

    Item # 04-4
    Price $135.00
  • Seasons Ketubah

    Item # 05-1
    Price $240.00
  • Rose Garden Ketubah

    Item # 05-2
    Price $290.00
  • Persian Silk Ketubah

    Item # 05-3
    Price $135.00

It is usually written in Aramaic as itís neither a ceremonial document nor a state document establishing a new relation between a man and a woman.

Itís usually not a declaration of continuous love but a statement of law providing the frame work of love between the two parties. Ketubah reaffirms the conditions imposed by the Torah on the part of the husband which include conjugal rights and providing food to the woman.

Ketubar assumes that if the woman (bride) had never been married before she is a virgin (meaning never been married). The woman can also be described as divorced, widow, or convert but when described as a virgin the amount the groom should pay is doubled. It also states how much to be paid to the bride in an event where the marriage is to be dissolved.