Etrog & Lulav Center

As for past years Zion Judaica is once again providing “Etrog & Lulav” sets to our customers.
Zion Judaica prides itself in providing Esrogin in 3 price ranges all certified Kosher from the most reliable rabbinically supervised Israeli sources.
Our prices are for complete Arba Minim (4 species) sets, including a Lulav, Hadassim (“Meshulashim”) & Aravos, all bearing their own Kashrut endorsements.
To reduce the preparations required on your part, each Lulav comes pre bound accompanied by a traditional Hadassim & Aravos holder and a plastic storage bag.
All orders are professionally packed in foam to virtually eliminate damage during shipment. All orders are accompanied by printed English language educational information & usage instructions and the blessings.

Please Note:

To ensure maximum quality and freshness all orders must be shipped via next-day or 2-day air service, please make sure to select one of these shipping methods when you get to the shipping page, otherwise we will upgrade it and charge you accordingly.

No other items can be combined with a shipment of Lulav & Etrog, if other items are ordered we will ship them separately and charge you additional for the extra shipping.

Orders must be placed by Monday September 17 12:00 PM, orders placed after this date will be charged an additional $15 rush fee. Orders will be delivered close to the start of the Holiday to ensure maximum freshness.

Have a happy and healthy Succos, and a sweet year!
  • Etrog & Lulav Set - Standard Quality

    Item # EL-STNDRD
    Price $45.00
  • Etrog & Lulav Set - High Quality

    Item # EL-HIGH
    Price $55.00
  • Etrog & Lulav Set - Supreme Quality

    Item # EL-SPRM
    Price $75.00

Celebrate the Sukkot holiday with the traditional Arba Minim, Zion Judaica offers the perfect Lulav and Etrog set from Israel that is sure to fit into your budget shipped to your door to maximize freshness, Sets include Etrog (Citron) Lulav (Frond of the palm tree) Hadassim (Willow Branches) Aravot (Myrtle leaves) all items are inspected to meet all halachic requirements and are certified 100% kosher by leading rabbis.

Our sets are currently available in three different priced options. All sets come complete with all 4 species Lulav, Etrog, Hadassim and Aravos and, all bearing their own kashrut endorsements and are certified kosher by leading Israeli rabbis and kashrut agencies.

We ship all arba minim sets pre bound and come with special Hadassim and Aravos holder to preserve freshness over yom tov, orders are shipped in professionally packed foam packging to ensure no occurs while in transit. All orders are accompanied by an English language guide and informational pamphlet that offers proper usage instructions and blessings.