Tzitzit - Arba Kanfot


#2   2-3 Years

#6    9-11 Years

#22   Average Adult up to 5’ 8”

#3   3-5 Years

#7    11-12 Years

#24   Large adult  up to 5’ 11”

#4   5-7 Years

#18  12-14 Years

#26   X-Large Adult up to 6’ 2”

#5   7-9 Years

#20  Small adult up to 5’ 5”

#28   XX-Large n/a in most sizes

The tzitzit, also known as an arba kanfot, is a kind of tallitot, a ritualistic prayer garment with specially knotted fringe. The fringe is knotted in a very specific fashion that varies based on region and denomination, but the common thread of religious significance remains. Find the right tzitzit for you in our diverse selection at Zion Judaica.
  • Poly Cotton Comfortable Tzitzit Garment For All Ages

    Item # AKP-R
    Price $10.50
  • Mesh Tzitzit Made of Polyester Sportswear Fabric

    Item # AKM
    Price $11.00
  • Perftzit 100% Cotton Pullover Undershirt Tzitzit

    Item # AK-PER
    Price $14.00
  • Tzitzis 100% Cotton

    Item # AKC
    Price $11.50
  • Traditional Wool Tzitzit Israeli Style with Fringes

    Item # AKW-F
    Price $50.00
  • Wool Tzitzit by Miskan Hatchelet.with Avodas Yad Fringes

    Item # AKW-AY
    Price $30.00
  • Option to personalize

    Tzitzis Embroidered Poly Cotton - Tractor

    Reg. Price: $17.99
    Item # 1130005
    Price $6.99
    Sale: 61% off
  • Tzitzis Fringes Set

    Item # TZITZIS
    Price $6.00
  • Washtzitz Bag

    Item # WTB
    Price $5.00

Zion Judaica has an assortment of tzitzit for adults and children in sizes from toddler to big and tall adult. Our collection of tzitzit includes traditional tzitzit in lightweight cotton and thick wool as well as contemporary tzitzit designs in cool mesh and comfortable pullover styles. We carry premium tzitzit in wool and other materials with and without stripes, and our top of the line tzitzit is designed to keep your tzitzit knots secure while protecting the rest of the garment with its stain resistant material. We carry tzitzit specifically designed for children, embroidered with fun patterns and adorned with tied tzitzit for easy wear. Find the perfect tzitzit for any member of the congregation at Zion Judaica.

At Zion Judaica, we strive to help you find a great tzitzit, but also to help you keep yours in the best condition. We offer washtzitz bags to protect your fringes from wear in the washing machine as well as handcrafted and machine generated replacement tzitzit fringes to allow you to choose the quality you need. Zion Judaica is home to all the essentials of the Jewish faith, and we have you covered with our stock of tzitzit and tzitzit accessories.