Chuppah - Canopy

If you’ve ever attended a Jewish wedding, you’re probably familiar with what a Chuppah is all about. The Chuppah is where the Jewish newly marrying couple's take their vows. Chuppah is derived from a Hebrew name, which means “tent or canopy,” and a Chuppah also symbolizes the newly wedded happy couple’s future home together. Thus, where the marriage ceremony is initiated underneath a Chuppah, the Chuppah transforms the covered space into a holy ground and makes it a valid threshold, for a marriage ceremony to take place.
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A traditional Chuppah Canopy consists of a beautiful cloth or sheet of fabric attached to the top corners of four vertical poles. Subsequently, the four sides of the Chuppah are usually uncovered, to symbolize and welcome the guest that gathered for the celebration.

The poles are typically available at most halls that cater to the Jewish community alternatively contact the Rabbi or clergy that is officiating the ceremony and they will guide you where a Chuppah frame or poles can be obtained locally.