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The dreidel, the iconic four-sided Jewish spinning top, is one of the most instantly recognizable symbols of Judaism. Traditionally inscribed with Hebrew characters symbolizing the phrase ďa great miracle happened there,Ē Jewish legend states that the driedel is far more than a simple toy and was used in ancient times as a tool to help ancient Jewish believers avoid Greek persecution while secretly passing on the wisdoms of the Torah to the next generation. The long and storied history of the treasured top inspires our unique collection of dreidels at Zion Judaica.

Zion Judaica is home to a wide variety of dreidels for play and display. Find the ideal small gift for your little ones this Hanukkah in our assortment of fun dreidel toys and crafts. Speak with our associates about bulk discounts for large holiday parties.

We are proud to offer a selection of art draydels, including attractive engraved sterling silver pieces as well as elegant glass driedels. Every Teacher and party planner needs a bulk pack of Dreidels, either Plastic colorful dreidels or natural wood draydels we have them in large bulk packs at astonishing low prices, we can do it because we manufacture them ourselves. Enhance your collection of fine dreidels with our artisan display pieces featuring the work of respected Jewish designers such as Gary Rosenthal, Tamara Baskin and Yair Emanuel. Made with beautiful stained glass and featuring eye-catching contemporary designs, our decorative dreidel display pieces make a gorgeous centerpiece or conversation piece in your home. We are the exclusive domestic provider of many of our products and frequently search the globe for striking pieces to add to our stock. At Zion Judaica, we celebrate the significance of Hanukkah by offering you a stunning array of artistically designed dreidels along with our traditional models.

Some Hanukkah Songs
I Have a Little Dreidel I have a little dreidel I made it out of clay And when itís dry and ready Then dreidel I shall play!
Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel I made it out of clay And when itís dry and ready Then dreidel I shall play!
It has a lovely body With legs so short and thin And when my dreidelís tired It drops and then I win!
My draydelís always playful It loves to dance and spin A happy game of dreidel Come play now, letís begin!