Bar Mitzvah Frames & Albums

There are few things as fulfilling to a father as seeing his son reach maturity and become responsible for his own actions. Celebrate your son's coming of age and immortalize your favorite moments with your your family with bar mitzvah frames and albums.
  • Decorated Metal Picture Frame - Bar Mitzvah

    Item # F-8915
    Price $37.99
  • Option to personalize

    Picture Frame by Gary Rosenthal

    Item # MPF5
    Price $85.00
  • Metal Art Glass Bar Mitzvah Frame 5'' x 7''

    Item # F-8501
    Price $53.00
  • Elegant Embroidered Bar Mitzvah Album

    Item # 21224
    Price $19.00
  • Bar Mitzvah Baseball Picture Frame

    Item # FR01
    Price $34.00
  • Option to personalize

    Bar Mitzvah Photo Album

    Item # PHO236
    Price $30.00
  • Option to personalize

    Bar Mitzvah Photo Album

    Item # PHO274
    Price $30.00
  • Option to personalize

    Complete Bar Mitzvah Album

    Item # ALB233
    Price $35.00
  • Stained Glass Bar Mitzvah Picture Frame

    Item # F-8908
    Price $39.00

Display those cherished memories with our exclusive and personalized photo albums and frames. Our selection of photo paraphernalia featuring Jewish themes and symbols such as the tree of life, the star of David, and the Ark of the Covenant will help you pay tribute to your historical heritage in style.

Whether you prefer a classic jeweled frame or a more modern decorated metal frame, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our Bar Mitzvah store. From gemstone and stained glass frames that you can use to showcase your favorite pictures to elegant embroidered albums where you can store and organize your photo collections, Zion Judaica's vast selection of products ensures you can find the perfect item to celebrate your family’s bar mitzvah.