Hanukkah Shopping Center

Zion Judaica is proud to offer a huge inventory of items to help you make the Festival of Lights brighter than ever this year. We are the home of the Internet’s largest selection of Chanukah merchandise for the entire family. We will not be undersold, as every Hanukkah many customers wait just a bit too long to buy their favorite Hanukkah items. Plus, get it all for amazingly competitive prices, we manufacture many of our Hanukkah items so we can pass the real savings down to you.

Visit Zion Judaica and see our beautiful selection of elegant menorah. Our menorahs range in all colors of the rainbow, literally! Giving you an attractive centerpiece for your home as well as an unmistakable statement of faith. We also carry a selection of burning oils and long-burning menorahs for shuls and synagogues as well as a vast array of Hanukkah Candles to help illuminate those 8 special nights in traditional fashion.

Zion Judaica is also home to a large inventory of Hanukah gifts for all ages, the right gift for the not-so-easy-to-please type. Our stunning Chanukah jewelry makes an outstanding gift. Find a perfect gift for your children or grandchildren in our selection of Hanukah toys, activities and crafts. Satisfy your sweet tooth with our assortment of chocolate Hanukkah gelt. We carry a full line of Chanukah inflatables and decorations which will put your house or lawn in the next gear. We also have bulk pack driedels as well as decorative art dreidels that stand out as unique tokens of celebration during this holy period.

A large percentage of our stock is manufactured or imported to the country exclusively by Zion Judaica. That commitment to bringing you the best Hanukkah Judaica items from around the world makes us the exclusive provider of many of our Chanukah items. At Zion Judaica, we strive to take every Hanukah just a step further.