Candle Lighters

Candles are ubiquitous in the Jewish culture, and traditionally were lit with a match or a tribute candle known as a shamash. Of course, more convenient ignition options such as a pocket lighter are available in the current day, but are tacky looking and detract from the ceremonial aesthetic common of candle lighting ceremonies. A candle lighter is an elegant solution to this dilemma, and we at Zion Judaica are pleased to offer a variety of candle lighters to suit any style.
  • Option to personalize

    Sterling Silver Candle Lighter - Stripes

    Item # 18301-0060
    Price $162.25
  • Sterling Silver Candle Lighter - Oriental

    Item # 18308-0000
    Price $97.90
  • Sterling Silver Candle Lighter - Decorative

    Item # 18350-0000
    Price $97.90
  • Sterling Silver Candle Lighter

    Item # 18351-0000
    Price $97.90
  • Sterling Silver Candle Lighter - Plain

    Item # 18352-0000
    Price $97.90
  • Beeswax Candle Lighter Refills - Pack of 4

    Reg. Price: $6.99
    Item # 30113
    Price $5.99
    Sale: 14% off
  • Candle Lighter Pomegranate Silver and Gold

    Reg. Price: $33.00
    Item # JPSCL11
    Price $29.98
    Sale: 9% off
  • Emanuel Steel Candle Lighter with Pomegranate Branch

    Reg. Price: $33.60
    Item # CL-1
    Price $30.25
    Sale: 10% off
  • Candle Lighter - King Design

    Item # 22-52K
    Price $150.00

Our finely crafted candle lighters are guaranteed to light every time. We carry silver plated candle lighters as well as candle lighters made of beautiful sterling silver. All of our candle lighters feature fine detailing and stunning designs that ensure it is as attractive as any of your table settings. Our designer candle lighters are shipped directly from Israel. We also provide the option to purchase a pack of compatible candles with any of our candle lighters. Get all your candle needs in our extensive stock at Zion Judaica.

Many of our silver candle lighters are available for personalization in English or Hebrew, enabling you to create a piece that is all your own. A candle lighter is essential for anyone who enjoys the long-treasured flickering glow of a candle. Matches are traditional, but inconvenient. Pocket lighters are effective, but ugly. Our selection of candle lighters at Zion Judaica are the best of both worlds, reflecting the concept of Hiddur Mitzvah, or the beneficial beautification of an everyday deed.