Jewish Jewelry: Beauty Inspired by Faith
The history of the Jewish people is one which is inextricably linked with jewelry and jewelry-making and even today, some of the most inspired jewelry is made at the hands of Jewish artisans. While being ornamental and essentially works of art in miniature, certain jewelry designs also proudly represent the long traditions of the Jewish culture and are believed to bring good luck, happiness and health to those who wear them. Discussed below are some of the most popular and traditional motifs in Jewish jewelry.

1. Chai Jewelry
The chai is a Judaic symbol of life, and is a popular and long-standing design theme throughout Jewish decorative arts, including jewelry. The chai necklaces available in modern times are frequently simple and elegant works of silver or gold on matching chains, but they can also be jeweled and the chains decorated with elaborate beadwork.

2. Star of David Jewelry
One of the most important symbols of the Jewish faith, the Magen David also appears frequently throughout Jewish art, architecture and decoration and is understandably a popular form of religious expression in jewelry. Frequently the Magen David is seen in delicately wrought silver or gold on a simple chain, but they can also be used as charms on bracelets.

3. Hamsa Jewelry
The hamsa, a hand-shaped symbol, has deep roots in the Jewish tradition and is also a frequent motif in jewelry, seen as a symbol to ward off evil. There are very simple silver and gold hamsa designs, but other pieces are wrought elaborately with gold or silver filigree, precious or semi-precious stones, crystal and pearls.

4. Red bendel Jewelry
Bendel bracelets come from the Jewish tradition of wearing red strings from the tomb of Rachel around the wrists to bring good luck. Many of these bracelets will also include beads made of gold, silver or semiprecious stones and will frequently also have charms of the Magen David, chai or hamsa designs. There are sites where bendel bracelets are sold that have actually be wrapped around Rachel's tomb while the appropriate prayers have been said.

5. Personalized Name Jewelry
Another popular symbol of Jewish culture is to have pendants made with the individual's name wrought in gold or silver in the elegance of the Hebraic script. These can also be purchased with the name written inside a mezuzah. They are a simple, beautiful and highly personalized statement of one's culture.

6. Jewish Wedding Bands
Opposed to secular traditions where a ring is customary during an engagement, a ring is mandatory in every Jewish Wedding arrangement. The groom will place the ring on the finger of his wife to-be and in a sense sanctifies the bond between each other. Our selection of Jewish Wedding rings are carefully selected by experts in this field, we aim to ensure that any ring you select will be a well worth choice. The most common phrase to have on a ring is “Ani Ledodi Ve’Dodi Li” translated: I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”, more choices have come in to season over time as you will see as you proceed with your order. Please read the item descriptions carefully for a complete understanding of your purchase.

All these jewelry designs are not only elegant: they are beautiful statements of faith, culture and heritage that forge a link between the modern and ancient Jewish tradition.