Why Buy Sterling?

Today, the world of Judaica and art flourishes so vividly, and the plethora of artisan options available on the market are quite dizzying. Many artists have chosen to imbue their pieces with vibrant color and use various materials ranging from glass to ceramic to steel, and even plastic. However, what has been and will always be the preferred material for crafting Judaica, is sterling silver.



Unlike other materials that are mentioned above, silver is a precious metal, and is unique in the sense that with the proper care and polish, it can look just as magnificent generations after it was purchased. Although the initial investment can be somewhat pricier, the enduring value a piece of sterling silver Judaica affords, makes it more than worthwhile. Tasteful and timeless, an ornate piece of silver is never out of style.


Silver was always a symbol of luxury and prestige, as such, ever since ancient times, it was used to celebrate the most important aspects of Judaism, and was hand crafted into magnificent and ornate works of art.

In the simpler world of eras bygone where material possessions were few and far between, these silver pieces were prized above all. Passed down from generation to generation, silver candlesticks, menorahs, Kiddush cups, and seder plates became cherished family heirlooms.

Surviving pieces of Judaica are now the very symbol of the invincible Jewish spark, telling the story of a struggling nation and its unbroken chain of heritage. Unique silver pieces that are crafted in the same tradition, fuse the past, present, and future, are the authentic face of Judaica today.


All that glitters in not gold, and indeed, all that sparkles is not silver. Although there is much to be said about creativity and color, there is a beauty and refinement in silver that can't be found elsewhere. Enhance your Judaica collection with the elegance and grace a piece of sterling silver affords.

Invest in something exquisite, something worth more than just the sum of its parts. Invest in an art form that bespeaks the triumph of the Jewish spirit and affords the opportunity to celebrate Judaisim in the same fashion your grandparents did.

Silver It is treasured. It is traditional. Most importantly, like Judaism itself, it is timeless.