Mezuzah Scrolls

Mezuzah Scrolls 800-336-2291, we are a leading source of Jewish religious articles and Mezuzah Scrolls for your Jewish home. Jewish holy scriptures as Mezuzzah and Mesusa scrolls. Mezzuza scrolls written on authentic parchment by a learned and reliable scribe according to the orthodox law of Mezuzah writing. At ZionJudaica we carry only Mezuzah scrolls written by certified and qualified scribes.
  • Mezuzah Scroll for Your Door Post - Basic

    Item # BSC-SCRL
    Price $39.00
  • Quality Mezuzah Scrolls

    Item # QTY-SCRL
    Price $52.00
  • Mehudar ''Extraordinary'' Mezuzah Scroll

    Item # MHD-SCRL
    Price $80.00