Teffilin Phylacteries

The small black leather boxes known as tefillin are one of the most important religious artifacts mentioned in the Torah. These boxes contain scripture written on parchment paper and are traditionally worn on the body as a token of remembrance of Jewish liberation from ancient Egypt and the Lord’s favor for his chosen people. The deep significance of tefillin makes Zion Judaica especially proud to offer finely crafted complete tefillin sets.
  • Teffilin Set - Parchment

    Item # TS-PARC
    Price $395.00
  • Teffilin Set - Cowhide

    Item # TS-CHSK
    Price $575.00

Zion Judaica brings you nothing but the best in authentic tefillin sets. Our tefillin sets include all required straps and other component and are ready to wear right out of the box. We carry tefillin suitable for wear on the right or the left arm. Our sheepskin parchment tefillin sets offer a handsome look at an excellent value while our premium cowhide tefillin exteriors are thick and strong for superior durability and can be easily repaired if damaged so you can treasure it for a lifetime. All scripture scrolls contained within our tefilin sets are manually examined and digitally scanned for accuracy before packaging and are always guaranteed 100 percent kosher with an included Kashrut certification certificate. You will not find a better quality tefillin set than Zion Judaica offers.

Zion Judaica has both the Ashkenaz and Sfardi variations of each of our tefillin sets in stock, so please specify the appropriate set at the time of your order. At Zion Judaica, we are bound to bring our customers top quality tefillin sets to help you display your faith.