5 Symbolic Gifts for a Boy's Bar Mitzvah written by: John Smith

A Bar Mitzvah is a special occasion because it is a celebration of a Jewish child’s coming of age, and at the same time, reaffirmation of faith. It also signifies that the boy is now at the right age and will be held responsible for his actions.

When there is a Bar Mitzvah, gifts are commonly given. These gifts are usually given during the party, not during the service at the synagogue. Although it is a customary practice, people find it hard to choose the right gift.

Most of the time, those who were invited to attend a Bar Mitzvah often ask what gift to give the Bar Mitzvah boy? While the most common gift given is money, the best gifts are those that recognize the celebrant’s entry into an important phase of his life. The gift should be unique and replete with symbolism that will remind the recipient of the special day of his life.

The succeeding gift ideas might help you find a meaningful and symbolic gift for a boy’s Bar Mitzvah.

  1. 1. Tallit and Tallit Clips

    The Tallit is a prayer shawl worn by Jewish men and women. When they reach their Bar Mitzvah, Jewish boys can wear the Tallit during the morning prayers. Wearing the Tallit is important for the Jewish people because it signifies that they have to recite a blessing. Although users are urged to practice some degree of restraint and common sense, the Tallit is not limited to the traditional bland colors. You can now choose from a variety of Tallit’s hip and modern colors, perfect for the Bar Mitzvah Boy.

    A functional accessory to the Tallit is the Tallit Clip. Whenever Jewish people recite a blessing, if by any chance, the Tallit falls off his shoulder, he needs to recite the blessing again. Hence, accompanying Tallit Clips are vital to secure the shawl in place and avoid any inconvenience. These accessories come in an assortment of styles and colors, with some interesting jeweled designs.

  2. 2. Torah Yads

    Holy objects are treated with utmost respect by the Jewish people. When reading the Torah, it is not permissible to touch the parchment with one’s hand. Thus, to prevent the reader from accidentally touching the Torah Parchments, pointers, in the shape of a finger, called Torah Yads or Torah pointers, were developed. Yads are traditionally made of olive wood or silver. These days, you can choose to give a boy ornate and colorful Torah Yads as a gift to his Bar Mitzvah.

  3. 3. Bar Mitzvah Bookends

    You can make a boy’s Bar Mitzvah more meaningful and special by bestowing personalized commemorative bookends upon him, such as those designed by Gary Rosenthol. Some of the unique design by Gary Rosenthol is an ornate marble bookend bordered by a metal frame: on one side, is a picture of a young man reading the Torah, and on the other side, his Haftorah. Bookends such as these are among the ultimate Bar Mitzvah gifts as they can be personalized with the name, date, and Halftorah portion, to commemorate the special occasion.

  4. 4. Bar Mitzvah Art Sculptures

    Another contemporary gift for a boy on his Bar Mitzvah is a metal sculpture by Gary Rosenthal. Together with his team of talented craftspeople, he has been sculpting metals, creating some of the most popular and unique Jewish arts in the country. His artworks combine brass, steel, copper, and fused glass to come up with a contemporary design that is deeply rooted in the history and culture of the Jewish people. These beautiful, functional, and elaborate sculptures are reminders of the great blessing of the Bar Mitzhvah.

  5. 5. Star of David Necklace

    This is a perfect Bar Mitzvah gift because the Star of David is a symbol of Judaism and will serve as a protection to the wearer. The Star of David Necklace is named after King David of the ancient Israel. This is a perfect Bar Mitzvah gift because it is an expression of the Jewish identity.

Adulthood is the Jewish culture comes with many responsibilities, and at the same time, enormous privileges. Other than a wedding, it would be hard-pressed to think of a more joyful celebration than the Bar Mitzvah. This is a special occasion, which celebrates a young man becoming beholden in the commandments. Hence, to honor the boy’s transition into manhood, the most appropriate gifts are symbolic gifts, such as those mentioned above, that give deeper meaning and understanding of his responsibilities and Jewish heritage.