Memorial Lamps and Candles

Although its purpose is somber, a yahrzeit candle is a greatly respected item in the Jewish community. The name translates as “soul candle,” and it is a type of ceremonial candle that is lit to commemorate a person’s loss each anniversary of their passing. Yahrzeit candles symbolize the eternal flame of memory that burns inside each person a late loved one touched during their lives, and the tradition of lighting them in memory of the dearly departed is deeply ingrained in Jewish culture. Create a dignified display for a special person who has passed on with our stock of memorial yahrzeit candles at Zion Judaica.
  • Electric Powered Memorial Lamp

    Item # L-971
    $5.00 - $29.99
  • Electric Powered Memorial Lamp

    Item # L-936
    $5.00 - $39.00
  • Memorial Lamp Replacement Bulb

    Item # Ebstar
    Price $5.00
  • Electric Memorial Light Plug In

    Item # PLUG-IN
    Price $49.99
  • Hand Painted Memorial-Candle Holder

    Reg. Price: $26.00
    Item # NN-1-2
    Price $23.40
    Sale: 10% off
  • Pure Beeswax Memorial Candle

    Item # 12321
    Price $8.50
  • Anodized Aluminum Memorial Candle Holder

    Reg. Price: $26.00
    Item # NNM
    Price $23.40
    Sale: 10% off
  • Option to personalize

    Sterling Silver Memorial Candle Holder

    Item # YY-99-3
    Price $197.28
  • Fused Glass Memorial Candle Holder

    Item # KCHW-8101
    Price $28.00
  • Painted Glass & Metal Memorial Candle Holder

    Item # CO-576
    Price $39.99
  • 7 Day Pure Beeswax Memorial Candle in Glass

    Reg. Price: $21.00
    Item # 12507
    Price $21.99
    Sale: -5% off
  • 9 Day Paraffin Memorial Candle in Plastic

    Reg. Price: $8.99
    Item # 28009
    Price $7.99
    Sale: 11% off
  • Electric Powered Memorial/Yizkor Lamp

    Reg. Price: $42.00
    Item # L-940
    Price $39.99
    Sale: 5% off
  • Electric Powered Memorial/Yizkor Lamp - Lasercut

    Reg. Price: $42.00
    Item # L-941
    Price $39.99
    Sale: 5% off
  • Large Electric Powered Memorial/Yizkor Lamp - Lasercut

    Reg. Price: $50.00
    Item # L-942
    Price $47.99
    Sale: 4% off
  • Tin Memorial Candle

    Reg. Price: $1.89
    Item # MC1
    Price $1.49
    Sale: 21% off

Zion Judaica is home to a large inventory of traditional and electric yahrzeit candles. All of our classic candles are guarantees to burn for at least 26 hours in accordance with tradition. Our electric Yahrzeit Lamps and Bulbs come in a variety of designs and offer all the significance of a conventional yahrzeit candle with added safety.

Zion Judaica also carries a large selection of yahrzeit candle holders. We have simple candle holders that make a stately, unadorned display in honor of your loved one as well as elaborate, decorative candle holders to suit any taste. Our beautiful art deco stained glass yahrzeit candle holder creates a vibrant memorial display that reminds every to the color a special person added to every life around them. Zion Judaica is proud to help you pay homage to dearest in your life with our collection of memorial yahrzeit candles and elegant candle holders.