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Tallit - Prayer Shawls

A tallit is one of the most personal and treasured items in the Jewish faith. It is symbolic of respect, piety and reverence for God. Some of life’s most profound moments take place beneath this sacred shawl, and Zion Judaica carries the Internet’s widest selection of tallit from youth to adult sizes to cover you every step of the way. Find the perfect tallit for your moment in life with our large selection.
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Zion Judaica has a variety of time-honored and contemporary styles for any occasion. We carry traditional tallits and modern talis styles in a range of colors and materials such as wool, cotton, polyester, silk as well as hand-crafted tallit that are truly one of a kind. We have durable, stain-resistant talleisim that are reinforced from within and crafted to keep their appearance for years. We also have an inventory of tallitot for women and girls, allowing the whole family to share in the experience of visible faith.

Browse our collection of beautiful ceremonial tallit for special occasions. We have decorative styles for birthdays, weddings and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Give a meaningful gift to a son, son in law or cherished student to let them know how special they are. Our huge stock of unique tallit means that the one for that special someone is here waiting for you. Zion Judaica also has a wide selection of tallit accessories. Our striking talis clips are a marriage of form and function. We are the only source for many of our items, as the exclusive importers or sole manufacturers of a large percentage of our products. At Zion Judaica, faith is part of our fabric.