Candles, Oil & Menorah Bulbs

The Jewish festival known as Hanukkah is all about the menorah, the celebrated candleholder that has shone as a beacon of the Jewish culture for thousands of years. At Zion Judaica, we’re all about menorahs and menorah accessories. Find all your menorah needs in our diverse online inventory.
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Zion Judaica is a leading Internet dealer of menorah candles. We carry a wide range of quality, long burning candles in classic white, the iconic blue and white color combination so strongly associated with Israel and Jewish pride as well as multicolored candles that add visual interest to an already captivating display. We have both natural and synthetic wax candles, and we also carry products to help keep all waxes listed above off your beautiful decorative candleholder. And don't overlook the everyone's favorite honey comb candles that are 100% natural and come in a wooden crate for an even more natural look. Visit Zion Judaica for a large selection candles as well as matches in bulk to ensure they stay lit.

Zion Judaica carries electric menorah accessories such as standard bulbs in blue, white and realistic orange. We have chimney style bulbs for large menorahs as well as eco-friendly bulbs for the environmentally conscious celebrator. We even have candle adaptors that allow most standard electric menorahs to function as a classic menorah.

For the true traditionalist, we also offer a line of oil menorah accessories as well. Our pre-filled oil cups are a safe and convenient way to load your menorah with oil again and again, and they also come in multi-colored capsules. We also carry authentic beeswax shamashim to allow you to light your oil menorah in the time honored manner. Brighten your day with the collection of top quality menorah accessories at Zion Judaica.