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Elijah and Miriam Cups

Elijah’s Cup and Miriam’s Cup are two central components to a modern Seder setting during the Passover festival. Elijah’s Cup, named after the prophet Elijah, is filled with wine and placed on Seder tables to allow the legendary figure to take his rightful place in the home of every Jewish family if he so desires, while Miriam's Cup is filled with water in observation of the prophetess Miriam, who was blessed by the Lord during the Exodus to find water for her traveling peoples. Each of these pieces plays an important role in many Seder ceremonies, and Zion Judaica is here to bring you the finest in each from around the world.
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We have Elijah and Miriam Cups made from classic porcelain and attractive sterling silver as well as pewter and glass cups. Our carved wood cups feature handpainted detailing and a laquer finish. Cups are available in many sizes to let you decide how warmly to welcome the iconic prophet. We also have designer Elijah cups from Judaica artists Yair Emanuel and Susan Fullerman to add a touch of creative style to your Seder table.

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