A menorah is one of the most recognizable symbols of Judaism, used and enjoyed since antiquity for their elegant design and familiar flickering glow. At Zion Judaica, we bring you the best in menorahs from around the globe. From personal display menorahs to fine ceremonial menorahs and specialty menorahs that will shine for any purpose, find the menorah for you in our massive inventory.
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Our classic menorahs are modeled after the revered candelabra passed down through tribes and families for thousands of years. They are crafted from durable materials with authentic detailing and are built to display for generations. We have gold tone and sterling silver menorahs as well as oil-burning menorahs. Show your appreciation for Jewish history and pride in our faith with a classic menorah from Zion Judaica.

Zion Judaica has a huge stock of unique menorahs unavailable from any other retailer. Choose from our stock of large menorahs for school, bank or hospital display. Our gallery of artfully designed decorative menorahs will make an instant impression. Give a meaningful gift to a treasured young one with our collection of children’s menorahs. Light up your life with our entire line of beautiful and distinctive menorahs.

Zion Judaica is the home of the Internet’s largest selection of novelty menorahs. Browse our stock of sports menorahs, oversized outdoor menorahs, lawn display menorahs and all-weather menorahs that ensure your declaration of faith stands up to the elements. Our friendly help staff eagerly anticipates helping you with your order of a menorah. Zion Judaica is your shamash to help illuminate the ideal menorah for any occasion.