Religious Articles

Zion Judaica is proud to bring the very best in religious articles. We offer many options and a wide selection in all religious articles, making it easy to find what you want at the price you like. We carry Tefillin, which is used by men and boys age 13 and above on a daily basis, when reciting the morning prayers. Zion Judaica carries complete tefillin sets, including beautifully designed tefiilin bags to suit your taste. So hurry and purchase a complete tefillin set for your precious Bar-Mitzvah boy! Zion Judaica offers the biggest selection in Kippot - Yarmulkas. We carry a huge selection of beautifully designed and stunning knitted yarmulkes to suit every taste. And if you're still not satisfied, have your kipot custom designed to your own liking by our professional designers. It's Zion Judaica! You'll be glad you chose us! Zion Judaica has a varied selection of Mezuzah Scrolls, Mezuzah Covers, Benchers and Prayer Booklets, Tallits-Prayer Shawls, Tallit bags and much more in religious articles. We have a vast selection in Tzedakah-Charity boxes of all sizes and types making the Mitzvah of charity all the more enjoyable. Make sure to check out our memorial lamps and candles as well as our wash cups and Mayim Achronim, because we bring you the best in everything. Our Tallit clips and Attarahs-Tallit Neckbands, please every one of our customers, so be a part! The most exquisite Kittels and Gartels is found at Zion Judaica. A kittel is the white robe worn only on special occasions by religious Jews. So indulge and get the nicest for special times like these. Torah Pointers, Tzitzit- Arba Kanfot and shofars as well as shofar stands, can all be found at Zion Judaica. Again, we carry items of the best quality possible as our goal is always to satisfy you, customers!