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Hanukkah Decorations & Inflatables

There is perhaps no more celebratory time on the Jewish calendar than Hanukkah. These 8 special days celebrate the rich history of Judaism by commemorating the miraculous menorah that illuminated the Second Temple for over a week on a one night’s worth of oil. Zion Judaica has everything you need to make your next Chanukah celebration even more luminous than your last.
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  • Happy Hanukkah Wood Table Decoration

    Reg. Price: $9.99
    Item # BD-13153-N
    $7.95 - $8.99
    Sale: 10% off
  • Hanukkah Glittered Dreidel Decoration - Wall or Window

    Reg. Price: $4.99
    Item # BD-13151-D
    $3.96 - $4.49
    Sale: 10% off
  • Dreidel Wall and Door Decor Art

    Reg. Price: $5.00
    Item # BD-13146
    $3.99 - $4.50
    Sale: 10% off
  • LED Menorah Wall or Window Decor

    Reg. Price: $11.00
    Item # B-HL-10-N
    $8.80 - $9.89
    Sale: 10% off
  • Chanukah LED Gel Cling - Reusable

    Reg. Price: $5.50
    Item # B-HL-12-D
    $4.39 - $4.89
    Sale: 11% off
  • Chanukah LED Gel Cling - Reusable

    Reg. Price: $5.50
    Item # B-HL-12-M
    $4.39 - $4.89
    Sale: 11% off
  • Battery Operated LED Menorah Light Decoration

    Reg. Price: $7.50
    Item # BHL-5-N
    $6.16 - $6.99
    Sale: 7% off
  • Chanukah Roll Out Banner Kit

    Reg. Price: $4.29
    Item # TYK-BANNER
    $3.65 - $3.89
    Sale: 9% off
  • 5FT Happy Hanukkah Hologram Banner

    Reg. Price: $5.99
    Item # BD-13174
    $4.62 - $5.49
    Sale: 8% off
  • Hanukkah String Light Set Battery Operated

    Reg. Price: $24.99
    Item # 5091
    $20.99 - $22.99
    Sale: 8% off
  • Hanukkah Colorful Confetti

    Reg. Price: $3.25
    Item # 13050
    $2.64 - $2.92
    Sale: 10% off
  • Chanukah Wire Garland - Stars & Dreidels

    Reg. Price: $3.25
    Item # 13018
    $2.38 - $2.95
    Sale: 9% off
  • ''Happy Chanukah'' Wood Table and Wall Decoration

    Reg. Price: $9.45
    Item # BD-13154
    Price $8.55
    Sale: 10% off

Zion Judaica is home to large inventory of Hanukkah decorations. We have festive Chanukah banners, hanging wall decorations and eye-catching table centerpieces. Our Hanukah confetti puts the joy of the holiday in the air. Decorate an entire room with Hanukkah garlands, and even dress up the window with a removable static cling. Visit Zion Judaica for the best selection of Chanukah merchandise.

Zion Judaica is your Internet destination for the largest assortment of lighted Chanukah decorations. Let your holiday spirit shine with our selection of multicolored window decorations that light up the night. Bring the holiday glow inside with our collection bright, blinking Chanukah string light decorations. We carry a selection of light-up dreidel and menorah decorations. Brighten your home with our festive Chanukah lights

Our stock of oversize Chanukah decorations put the reason for the season on full display. Our huge inflatable Chanukah decorations are unmistakable holiday fun. Show your holiday spirit on your front lawn with our oversized electric menorah, perfect for display at a massive 52 inches tall. At Zion Judaica, our purpose is to help you make these 8 special nights bigger and brighter than ever before.