Hanukkah Novelties

Zion Judaica is home to a huge selection of Hanukkah novelties for youth of any age. Choose from a wide variety of Chanukah games and toys, including plenty of gifts for the kinderlach. We have Hanukah balloons, Pencils, Chanukah plush toys and of course, enough driedels to make their little heads spin. Find something a child will love in our stock of fun Hanukkah products at Zion Judaica.
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  • Plush Happy Hanukkah Bear - Blue

    Reg. Price: $10.95
    Item # STU57
    Price $9.95
    Sale: 9% off
  • Children's 11 Piece Hanukah Wood Puzzle with Pegs

    Reg. Price: $7.49
    Item # TY-PUZ-H-3
    $6.29 - $6.74
    Sale: 10% off
  • Hilarious Hanukkah Puzzle Pad

    Reg. Price: $2.50
    Item # TEJ-910
    Price $1.99
    Sale: 20% off
  • Milk Chocolate Bars with Dreidel Letters - Gift Box

    Reg. Price: $12.99
    Item # 20104
    $10.25 - $11.49
    Sale: 12% off
  • Foil Wrapped Chocolate Lollipops - BOX of 24

    Reg. Price: $70.00
    Item # CH-LOLLY-2
    Price $55.00
    Sale: 21% off
  • Foil Wrapped Milk Chocolate Maccabees

    Reg. Price: $5.75
    Item # CH-MACC
    $4.75 - $5.20
    Sale: 10% off
  • Aerodynamic Fun Dreidel Launcher

    Reg. Price: $3.15
    Item # DRL-4-H
    Price $2.85
    Sale: 10% off
  • Hanukkah Dreidel Game - Dreidels with Coins

    Reg. Price: $5.75
    Item # DR-SET
    Price $5.20
    Sale: 10% off
  • Set of 4 Painted Wood Dreidels - Sports

    Reg. Price: $8.40
    Item # DRL-49
    Price $7.60
    Sale: 10% off
  • Set of 4 Painted Wood Dreidels - Princess

    Reg. Price: $8.40
    Item # DRL-59
    Price $7.60
    Sale: 10% off

Zion Judaica is an Internet leader in Hanukkah party supply. Our glittery decorations help the Festival of Lights shine and our diverse array of festive Chanukah pens make excellent party favors. Our 6’ roll of Chanukah stickers is perfect for creating a scrapbook of the holiday festivities.Satisfy your holiday sweet tooth with our stock of Chanukah treats. We carry Chanukah candy such as delicious chocolate coins and lollpops. We have easy Chanukah cookie kits that provide both an activity and a snack. We even go the extra mile by importing kosher Bazooka gum direct from Israel, to provide you with a classic favorite treat on this sweetest on holidays. For an instant party in one convenient package, try our Great Big Box of Chanukah Fun, which includes everything you need to get the festivities started.

All of our Hanukkah novelties are available in bulk for Chanukah parties, holiday giveaways and other purposes. Our team of representatives is here to assist you with your bulk order of Chanukah merchandise, and we may be able to offer a volume discount based on the size of your order. At Zion Judaica, we take pride in helping our customers make Hanukkah fun.