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Personalized Knit Kippot

The kippah seruga, or knit kippot, has great significance in Jewish culture. Mizrahi Jews, who place reverence for the true essence of the Torah at the center of their faith, have been wearing this distinctive style of kippah for generations. Wearing a Kippa seruga is not only an expression of faith, but an undeniable statement of your appreciation for your heritage and history. The significance and beauty of this kippah style makes Zion Judaica proud to offer knit Yarmulkes hand crocheted in this profoundly meaningful tradition.
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If you wish to customize and personalize your Knitted kippot with an imprint, look no further, Zion Judaica does it with the utmost profession, we use a rubber type of label which feels just like fabric , it gets sealed into the knit Kippah with heat, the names and date of your affair will be remembered for a lifetime. Our kippot labels are not just stickers like other companies; they are made of fabric-like material that actually feels like part of the kippah and can be washed by machine and still be perfectly legible!

Personalized Knitted yarmulkes include free black, silver, or gold kippah clips.

Whether you are hosting a Bat Mitzvah or a Bar Mitzvah, we have the Crochet Yarmulkes or as refered to in Israel as Kippah Serugah you’re looking for! Other events may include a synagogue event, a Jewish wedding, a birthday party, or just about any other type of Jewish event. Browse our selection of stylish, personalized Knit yarmulkes and add the personalization that will make your event official. Relax knowing that you’re buying superb quality Knitted Kippot at Manufacturers prices.

Knit Kippot is relatively new in US market (10 years), with more and more bonding to our brethren in Israel and more adherence to Jewish Law has brought the Knit Kippah rushing across the ocean.

Zion Judaica has a full stock of knit kippot in an array of designs to suit any style. Choose from our selection of solid, color trim or patterned, as well as designs featuring a swirling gradient pattern in your choice of fashion colors. We also carry Kippah’s that let you display your national pride with hand-stitched American flag or Israeli-themed embellishments. Our standard 6 inch size fits children as well as most adult heads, and the quality materials and construction that go into each hand-knit kippah create a piece that can be worn faithfully for years to come.

Many devout followers desire a kippah that is uniquely their own, and so Zion Judaica also offers full personalization services on all Yarmulkes in our online store. Our kippot can be etched with your name in English or Hebrew using white or black thread for a classic look or bold gold and silver embroidery for personalization that pops. Come to Zion Judaica for an unrivaled selection of knit kippot for any occasion.