Suede Quantity Kippot

Suede Kippot has been introduced in the late 1960’s when Suede picked up fad and came swinging into style. From (blue) Suede Shoes to Suede Jackets and everything in between, so it didn’t take long for someone to say, Hey! Why not Suede Kippot?!
So the Suede Kippah took shape, it couldn’t be cut like its predecessor, the 100 year old Satin Kippah because the fabric wasn’t flexible enough for a traditional shape. The Suede Kippot invention was at a crossing point… will it survive or fail, after some intense deliberations and heated discussions in old Polish “Yiddish” the Brooklynites came upon the idea to make it a flatter, more open cut Yarmulke and fastened by a pair of Kippah Clips…
A short few years past and Suede Kippot factories started to take advantage of the emboss-able nature of Suede, many designs on any color Suede Kippah, Patterns were casted and the heat press came down on the fresh die lots as the inventors looked on with amazement, any color, any pattern, any size, endless!
Zion Judaica has been there then and is still here today, Manufacturing and delivering Genuine Suede Yarmulkes for any Jewish Affair, Suede Kippot that are picture perfect, Personalized Suede Yarmulkes in 35 color choices, Imprinted Suede Kippahs in 35 pattern options from Suede embossed Yarmulkes with a sports theme or favorite hobby, to a traditional Chai or Star-of-David.
Shop for Suede Kippot at and witness for yourself that “the sky is the limit”!
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