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Solid Colored Suede Kippot

A signature element of religious attire in the Jewish faith, the Kippah has been worn by custom and law during prayer, and even full time in some denominations, for thousands of years. This ceremonial head covering is a symbol of respect for the Lord, and wearing one is a true mark of reverence and pride in your faith. Zion Judaica has a large inventory of yarlmukes in beautiful suede for an elegant touch.
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Zion Judaica is your Internet home for suede kippot in single and bulk orders. Our standard adult size suede kippot measures 6 inches around and features a four panel design finished with a coordinating trim at the seams and edges for a polished look. We offer 30 colors of rich colors and over 40 distinctive designs, allowing you to customize the perfect kippot for your special occasion. You can even change the color of the edge trim to suit your taste. Whether they are worn for a wedding, party, Bar or Bat Mitzvah or other special occasion, our stylish kippot add flair to your affair.

We offer a number of incredible incentives for our customers who purchase kippot in quantities of 60 or more, including free personalization services to commemorate the date and attendees of an event, complimentary kippot clips, and even discounted rates for qualifying orders. Our customer service team is waiting to assist you with your order of customized kippot, including getting them when you need them, as we also offer expedited production options that can have your kippot on your doorstep weeks sooner than our standard production, or even the next day with a per-kippot convenience surcharge. With the selection of premium suede kippeh from Zion Judaica, you’re bound to look good on your best days…even on short notice.