Tallit Clips

Beyond their functional purpose, tallit clips have become an opportunity to showcase your personal style. A distinctive set of tallit clips contributes to an attractive aesthetic, and choosing decorative tallis clips to wear during prayer and religious ceremonies is an example of hiddur mitzvah, or a beautification of your dedication to your faith. Zion Judaica has a huge inventory of tallit clips in a wide range of designs.
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  • Hand Crafted Flower Tallit Clips - Blue Gold

    Item # TC22A
    Price $43.00
  • Hand Crafted Hamsa Tallit Clips - Tonal Blue / Silver

    Item # TC23A
    Price $36.00
  • Silver Plated Tallit Clips - 10 Commandments

    Reg. Price: $24.99
    Item # 54131
    Price $15.99
    Sale: 36% off
  • Elegant Tallit Clips - Star of David

    Item # TC-92-S
    Price $19.99
  • Elegant Tallit Clips - Western Wall Shalom

    Item # TC-89-G
    Price $19.99
  • Pewter Hamsa Tallit Clip

    Item # ER-CLP-HAM
    Price $39.00
  • Pewter Butterfly Tallit Clip

    Item # ER-TCBF
    Price $39.00
  • Pewter Tree of Life Tallit Clip

    Item # ER-TREE-CLP
    Price $39.00
  • Hamsa Tallit Clips in a Bold Blue Color on Silver Body

    Item # TC29A
    Price $33.00
  • Pewter Tallit Clips with Pink Crystals

    Reg. Price: $35.00
    Item # TC22F
    Price $31.99
    Sale: 9% off
  • Tallit Clips Beautiful Jerusalem of Gold

    Reg. Price: $64.99
    Item # TC30A
    Price $59.99
    Sale: 8% off
  • Gold & Silver Tree of Life Tallit Clips

    Reg. Price: $54.99
    Item # TC31A
    Price $49.99
    Sale: 9% off
  • Magen David Tallit Clips

    Reg. Price: $14.75
    Item # PHT13
    Price $14.00
    Sale: 5% off
  • Tallit Clips - Luchos

    Reg. Price: $14.75
    Item # PHT14
    Price $14.00
    Sale: 5% off
  • Tallit Clips with Star of David Nickel Plated

    Reg. Price: $16.99
    Item # 56633
    Price $15.99
    Sale: 6% off
  • Hand Crafted Flower Tallit Clips - Pink Silver

    Item # TC22B
    Price $43.00
  • Elegant Tallit Clips - Tablets Black

    Item # TC-86-B
    Price $21.99
  • Silver Plated Tallit Clips - 10 Commandments

    Item # PHT5
    Price $16.99

Zion Judaica features only the finest tallit clips in traditional and contemporary styles. We carry 10 Commandments tallit clips in classic gold designs and intricate engraved tallit clips as well as Magen David tallit clips. Browse our assortment of handcrafted artisan tallit clips by designer Emily Rosenfeld. Zion Judaica has tallit clips to suit any taste, from handsome tallit clips perfect for a dedicated man of faith to beautiful feminine tallit clips in fun modern designs. Choose from our stock of Hamsa tallit clips, including pieces with striking gem embellishments or enamel detailing. Come to Zion Judaica for one of the Internet’s largest selection of tallit clips.

The right set of tallit clips makes an excellent gift for any occasion, and will help you look your best on your special days. Zion Judaica specializes in the right set of tallit clips, and you can find your perfect pair in our premium collection. Our customer service team is standing by to assist you with your order of tallit clips. At Zion Judaica, we bring you the most eye-catching selection of tallit clips from around the world.