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Torah Pointers

The Torah pointer, or yad, is indispensable in protecting priceless original Torah scrolls. It is used to help readers keep track of their current place during extended sessions reading or reciting from the ancient text. It has iconic status in the Jewish faith, helping readers of authentic parchment Torah scrolls maintain ritualistic purity by avoiding contact with the sacred scroll and preserve the priceless and delicate vellum parchment and ink from damage resulting from manual handling. Using this ceremonial pointer when reading is considered a timeless hallmark of reverence and respect for the Torah. Zion Judaica celebrates the integral role of the yad in Jewish culture by offering a stunning collection of ceremonial Torah pointers in a variety of styles.
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Many of our traditional Torah pointers feature intricate design details and the customary pointing finger design at the leading tip. We carry Torah pointers in both classic and contemporary styles, with embellishments such as laser engraving and stylish spiral designs as well as attractive wooden Torah pointers. Choose from our assortment of attractive Torah pointer display stands made from durable metal. A Torah pointer makes an outstanding and meaningful gift for a bar or bat mitzvah, giving the guest of honor one of the first tools of adulthood in the Jewish community. Our team of customer service associates are here to help you with your order of a Torah pointer from our online store. Let Zion Judaica guide you to the perfect Torah pointer among our stock of unique pieces from around the world.